We work hard. At DTS, our client’s success is our success. As a part of our core values, we aim for trust and service in all things: our work, team, and relationships with clients.

Check out a sampling of our recent accomplishments below.

Past Performance:


  • Successfully transitioned 50+ denied DCS programs to FMS to facilitate successful exports aligned with U.S. national security and foreign policy goals.
  • Navigated the USG security cooperation enterprise to identify, track and secure $500M of FMS and Section 333 of potential sales.
  • Successfully transitioned 50+ potential FMS programs to DCS by mitigating technology security & foreign disclosure policy issues, enabling access to higher profit margins from DCS.


  • Acquired access to $120M of DCS revenue due to facilitating U.S. Army radar policy reforms.
  • Designed an exportable UAS configuration for an unprecedented offer to UAE and India.
  • Developed export policy approval for technology releases on major Light Attack Aircraft sales.
  • Conducted a design for exportability assessment to enable exportable configurations for the U.S. Army FVL program, mitigating $3M in re-design and 5 years in schedule increases.
  • Ran enterprise Program Protection and System Security Engineering strategies for Prime Defense Contractors to increase topline revenue from FMS and DCS.
  • Built industry internal releasability and design for exportability expertise within < 12 months.
  • Negotiated successfully with the Anti-Tamper Executive Agent for aircraft program protection saving up to $5M in Non-Recurring Engineering and 2 years in schedule.
  • Developed technology release roadmaps for 10+ UAS and associated subsystem IRAD programs to facilitate TSFD mitigation and establish exportable designs.
  • Created a TSFD Decision Memorandum tracking database to effectively manage critical U.S. Government policy decisions mapped to FMS and DCS.
  • Secured positive decisions through supporting or conducting 50+ briefings to the Low-Observable & Counter Low-Observable (LO/CLO) Tri Service Committee (TSC).

Export Controls

  • Built ITAR compliance programs from the ground up of combined 10 enterprises.
  • Outsourced export authorization management programs for $5M-$10B revenue businesses.
  • Decreased U.S. Government export authorization processing time on average by 50% due to effective scope definition, TSFD mitigation strategies and USG Engagement.
  • Decreased unnecessary export license volume by 50% from compliance assessment results.
  • Saved clients approximately $500K per customer per year on the cost of export compliance.
  • Conducted 100+ combined international trade compliance assessments.
  • Acquired commercial jurisdiction for UAS spacecraft enabling access to foreign markets.
  • Conducted over 100,000+ combined self-classifications of systems, parts, components, software, and services on the ITAR and EAR.
  • Established enterprise-wide training programs from action officer to C-suite, and led numerous defense industry webinars and conferences with 1000+ participants.


  • Grew FMS and DCS portfolios of defense business from $0 to $2B in revenue within five years.
  • Managed $3B cradle-to-grave export activity for a USG Contractor Logistics Support program.