Alexa Frischkorn


“One-part technology review, one part designing for exportability, two parts USG approval facilitation and one part strategy provider. I love what we do because we provide support to some of the most historically groundbreaking technologies this century may ever see!”
– Alexa Frischkorn, Consultant

Alexa is a releasability and exportability subject matter expert.  She specializes in designing for exportability, national security & foreign policy issue mitigation, and facilitating Technology Security & Foreign Disclosure (TSFD) release approvals for international sales. Her breadth of experience ranges from managing technology transfers for Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Direct Commercial Sales (DCS), as well as providing subject matter expertise in reconciling contentious provisos and export policy denials through effective U.S. Government engagement.

  • Coastal Carolina University, Bachelor of Science in Public Health
  • Export Policy Analyst, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Defense Exports and Cooperation
  • Executive Management Legal Assistant, FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center Legal Unit, Department of Defense
  • iPhone or Android? iPhone
  • Iron Man or Captain America? Captain America
  • What superpower would you like to have? Telekinesis