Lauren Saxinger

Director of Marketing & Business Development

“Bubbles all the way! I add the effervescent to messaging and brand.”
– Lauren Saxinger, Director of Marketing & Business Development

As the Director of Marketing & Business Development, Lauren is responsible for creating and accelerating DTS’s marketing strategy and brand visibility within the defense industry. She is focused on driving DTS’ vision of being a leader in defense trade by building marketing programs and thought leadership to promote their strategic objectives.¬†As a creative professional, she loves to tell a story through tailored messaging and graphics to differentiate organizations from competitors. As a business development strategist with an economic background, she’s always using data to answer the big questions to help guide an organization’s strategic plan.

  • University of California at Riverside, Bachelor of Science in Economics & Marketing
  • Business Development Manager, FOX Architects
  • Co-Director DMV Chapter, LACED Wellness
  • Director of Communications, SMPS Orange County
  • Business Development Associate, PSI Inc.
  • Marketing Assistant, LSA Associates
  • Assistant Marketing Manager, Macerich
  • iPhone or Android? iPhone
  • Iron Man or Captain America? Iron Man
  • What superpower would you like to have? Read Minds