International Traffic in Arms Regulations

Fines, penalties, and contract debarment due to export violations are everywhere. Companies with agile compliance programs have a competitive advantage when conducting international business. We navigate export controls to develop international sales and decrease friction of compliance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

Advisory Services:

  • ITAR Compliance Program Strategy
  • Export Authorization Strategy
  • Export Approval and U.S. Government Engagement Facilitation
  • Enterprise & Functional Training

Managed Services:

  • Defense Exports Compliance System (DECCS) Management
  • Simplified Network Application Process –Redesign (SNAP-R) Management
  • Export Authorization Drafting & Lifecycle Management
  • ITAR Manufacturer, Exporter, and Broker Registrations
  • ITAR Compliance Investigations & Assessments
  • ITAR Compliance Corrective Action Implementation
  • Voluntary Self Disclosure Development
  • ITAR Compliance Program Development
  • ITAR Compliance Procedure Drafting & Implementation
  • Merger, Acquisitions, & Divestiture Support
  • Secondments