Specialty Services

ITAR Starter Kit

Your defense export journey starts here.

You are just beginning to engage in international business, and there are several steps that must be completed prior to your first sale. If any of these steps are done incorrectly, they could have financial and legal implications down the road. DTS’ ITAR Starter Kit will establish your international business on the right footing. DTS will conduct a Jurisdiction & Classification Analysis on your product to first determine whether it is export-controlled. If so, we will help complete  the required export registration process for your company’s manufacturing, exporting, and/or brokering of equipment so you can get started with your international pursuits and remain compliant. 

CPI Assessments

Prepare your technology security.

Do you have a pending USG, Foreign Military Sales or Direct Commercial Sales contracts that include a Program Protection, System Security, Anti Tamper or Critical Program Information (CPI) requirement and don’t know where to start?  ? At DTS, we are a cleared contractor and USG-trusted service provider that conducts Critical Program Information Assessments. If your product or software is positive for CPI, DTS can help navigate the export process and get to an exportable design that is approved by the U.S. Government.

DTS Certified Exportable

Export certainty.

You want to engage in selling your products abroad, but do you know if the U.S. Government will approve your product for export? Get your peace of mind with a “Certified Exportable” certification of your product, service, or software. Your products will go through rigorous foreign & national security export policy analysis, U.S. Government pre-coordination and export pedigree review to determine what roadblocks are in your way preventing export approval. As a result, potential Foreign Military Sales and Direct Commercial Sales contracts will proceed smoothly and expedited, increasing your speed and agility in acquiring export revenue.