Security Cooperation

Government-to government sales are a significant portion of the defense trade market, but they are not the most consistent or predictable in terms of when you will be on contract. We guide you through the security assistance & cooperation enterprise to access business intelligence, acquire new business, and shore up current contracts.

Advisory Services:

  • U.S. Government & Industry Association Network Access
  • U.S. Government Stakeholder Engagement
  • International Sales Shaping & U.S. Government Advocacy
  • Security Cooperation Funding Identification
  • Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Strategy
  • National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Strategy
  • Security Cooperation Approval Process Transparency
  • Conventional Arms Transfer Policy Engagement
  • Enterprise & Functional Training

Managed Services:

  • U.S Government Export Community Engagement & Escalation
  • Department of State and Department of Defense Around The World International Strategy Briefings
  • FMS Case Writing Engagement
  • Department of Commerce Defense Advocacy Requests
  • FMS Letter of Request (LOR) Drafting
  • FMS Process Mapping
  • Section 333 and Pseudo-FMS Program Process Management
  • Third Party Transfer Requests
  • Congressional Notification Process Requests
  • Secondments