DTS Becomes an Associate Member of AIA!

Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) selects Defense Trade Solutions (DTS) as an Associate Member! AIA is essential to shaping policy, shedding light on the aerospace & defense industry’s impact, and empowering its future.  DTS will now represent its clients and join the conversation with their defense exports focus on ITAR, Security Cooperation, Foreign Military Sales, and Releasability.

For over 100 years, AIA (https://www.aia-aerospace.org/) has shaped the world and been the voice of aerospace and defense to make an immeasurable impact on issues impacting the industry. CEO-level officers from across our more than 300 companies guide policy efforts, strengthening the industry’s ability to effectively support America’s national security and economy. AIA works with member company representatives through councils and committees to advise the government on critical issues and cultivate a unified perspective on the many challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, DTS is a professional services company solely focused on providing a full spectrum of defense trade policy, releasability, export controls, and execution consulting services to the U.S. defense industry. DTS offers subject matter expertise with a holistic perspective on how to structure successful international programs due to prior leadership roles within both the U.S. Government (USG) and Prime Defense Companies. Our mission is to facilitate client international business and advance the economic security of the US industrial base while balancing USG national security & foreign policy interests. Customer service is our philosophy, and we strive to maintain a customer-focused & success-driven organization at the nexus of client international goals and USG strategic objectives.

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