Logan Schaub

Senior Specialist

“One part licensing, one part compliance, one part international partnering. Developing strategies for effective and on-time export licensing and compliance solutions is what makes a compliance program successful, and this success provides a competitive advantage.”
– Logan Schaub, Senior Specialist

Logan is an export/import licensing subject matter expert with extensive background in strategy, planning and execution of complex ITAR and EAR programs. He also spent several years maintaining an export compliance program at a European international subsidiary working with a multinational workforce and developed a strong understanding of European export requirements and a unique understanding of the complexities of US/international partner collaboration in an export-controlled environment.

  • University of Arizona: Bachelor of Arts in History
  • University of Arizona: Master of Arts in International Security Studies
  • Raytheon Polska Sp. z o.o.: Principal Analyst, Global Trade
  • Raytheon Technologies Corp: Senior Analyst, Global Trade
  • iPhone or Android? Android
  • Iron Man or Captain America? Captain America
  • What superpower would you like to have? Extended lifespan, just ~100 additional years.