Steven Casazza

“One-part defense exports evangelist, one-part creative problem solver, two-parts team motivator, and one-part political negotiator. I love what we do because defense exports are the best team sport!” – Steven Casazza, Vice President Steven is a visionary, big-picture thinker, and DTS’ Vice President. His role is vital in leading the company’s defense trade strategies. Steven… Read More

Christopher Arnold

“One-part global sales, one-part requirements integrator, and two parts crisis-fixer; shaken. I love what we do because I love seeing our team make your international business dreams a reality!” – Christopher Arnold, Principal As a strategist, innovator, and Principal of DTS, Christopher is responsible for advancing the company’s initiatives. Christopher is highly experienced in the… Read More

Jessica Burke

“One-part foreign disclosure policy, two-parts technology security, and 2-3 dashes of PowerPoint wizardry.  I love what we do because addressing the intersection of foreign policy and technology causes no “one-solution-fits-all,” which makes our work important and meaningful!” – Jessica Burke, Senior Consultant Jessica is a DTS solutions team lead. Jessica specializes in guiding client matters… Read More

Samantha Cook

“Start with a hefty pour of matching business needs with the ITAR. Add a splash of getting to “yes.”. Finished with a hint of heart-pounding deadlines – trade compliance abides.  I love what we do because we get to solve problems, the right way, everyday!” – Samantha Cook, Senior Consultant Samantha is an export control… Read More

Breeanna Brock

“One-part statutory interpretation, one-part regulatory translator, two-parts process and procedure advocate, and one-part educator. I love what we do because reducing regulatory red tape while maintaining ITAR compliance fosters a safer and secure world with unlimited growth and opportunity.” – Breeanna Brock, Consultant Breeanna is a subject matter expert on International Traffic in Arms Regulations… Read More

Steven Caracciolo

“Two-parts license drafter, one-part exemption validator, dashes of approval facilitation and post-approval compliance. I love what we do because helping defense industry clients achieve their objectives turned out to be even cooler than I thought!” – Steven Caracciolo, Consultant Steven is an export authorization subject matter expert.  He specializes in facilitating export authorization approvals and… Read More