Steven Casazza

“One-part defense exports evangelist, one-part creative problem solver, two-parts team motivator, and one-part political negotiator. I love what we do because defense exports are the best team sport!” – Steven Casazza, President Steven is a visionary, big-picture thinker, and DTS’ President. His role is vital in leading the company’s defense trade strategies. Steven has built… Read More

Audrey Sutton

“ITAR Compliance, aged with experience, and a dash of fresh thinking. I love what we do because I like fixing things that seem broken and solving problems that others find impossible!” – Audrey Sutton, Director of Solutions Delivery Audrey is a DTS’ Director of Solutions Delivery, leading solutions teams and DTS’ delivery processes. Her dedicated… Read More

Chanel Gargula

“One part export controls, two parts execution strategy, with a garnish of team spirit. I am passionate about what we do because we are helping clients realize that trade compliance can be their competitive advantage. It’s important and rewarding work!” – Chanel Gargula, Director of Strategy & Growth Chanel is a DTS’ Director of Strategy… Read More

Nick Thorne

“One-part licensing, one-part technology, and one huge part curious academic. The defense trade lies at the intersection of economics, political science, and military science, so being part of a team that understands, appreciates, and provides a holistic approach for their clients is beyond exciting.” – Nick Thorne, Manager of Solutions Development Nick is DTS’ Manager… Read More

John Boyle

“This concoction begins with a smooth wit and social nature base. Added is a steadfast dedication to family and friends, and two dashes of zest for life, and a love of sports.  Garnished with refreshing perspectives, and served in a sophisticated glass.  I love what we do because it is a critical part of keeping… Read More

Steven Caracciolo

“Two-parts license drafter, one-part exemption validator, dashes of approval facilitation and post-approval compliance. I love what we do because helping defense industry clients achieve their objectives turned out to be even cooler than I thought!” – Steven Caracciolo, Senior Specialist Steven is an export authorization subject matter expert.  He specializes in facilitating export authorization approvals… Read More

Chelsea Thompson

“One part licensing, one part big picture planning, and one part organizing. Creating and executing long-term strategies and structures that work for the clients’ continuing needs is my main goal. Being creative and thinking outside of the box to get there is the fun part!” – Chelsea Thompson, Senior Specialist Chelsea is an export authorization… Read More

Gabby Sousa

“One part licensing strategy, one part strategic thinker, and one part writer rimmed with customer service and a twist of social butterfly. I love helping our clients realize that trade compliance knowledge can actually foster international sales, not hinder them!” – Gabby Sousa, Senior Specialist Gabby is an export authorization subject matter expert. She specializes… Read More

Shawna Klohs

“One part ITAR Compliance, two parts exemption validation & strategy, with a splash of random Marine Corps knowledge. I am passionate about what we do because supporting the defense industry greatly improves US National Security.” – Shawna Klohs, Senior Specialist Shawna is an export authorization subject matter expert. She specializes in facilitating various export authorization… Read More

Logan Schaub

“One part licensing, one part compliance, one part international partnering. Developing strategies for effective and on-time export licensing and compliance solutions is what makes a compliance program successful, and this success provides a competitive advantage.” – Logan Schaub, Senior Specialist Logan is an export/import licensing subject matter expert with extensive background in strategy, planning and… Read More